Thanks for attending WordCamp Vancouver!

Wanted to thank everyone that made WordCamp Vancouver a big success!


rough plan for the day

The Big Day is coming up fast – as I write this, we’re less than 48 hours away from the start of WordCampEd Vancouver – and things are shaping up quite nicely. We’ve got some topic ideas listed here on the site (thanks to everyone who pitched ideas) – and we’ll be working hard to draw out more topic ideas during the event as well.

The basic plan for the day is to start with some caffeine to get people awake enough to participate, and then kicking off the event with a series of short, mini not-presentations to frame some of the key ideas. We’ve got some great people who have agreed to help get things started – and if you’d like to make a pitch or mini not-presentation, please do so. Hopefully, these will form the basis of the group activities for the remainder of the event – with the participants dividing into groups or camps to produce solutions to whatever problems are identified. Eventually, we’ll break for lunch, then reconvene to hammer some more on the projects. At the end of the day, the camps can present their outcomes, and we can all celebrate and relax.

The whole point of the day is to keep the schedule as flexible as possible, and to allow (and encourage) cross-pollination between the camps/themes/ideas. It’s your WordCampEd event, after all, not a rigid series of conference presentations.

What type of sessions do you want?

We’ve got some really interesting ideas for topics to address during the event, but what kind of session activities are people looking for? In looking through the archives from other WordCamp Education events, it seems like most of them have followed a more traditional conference/presentation format.

Given that we’re dovetailing with MooseCamp/NorthernVoice, what kinds of sessions do YOU want at WordCampEd:Vancouver? Presentations? A keynote? Hackathons? Freeform discussions? Some funky hybrid mixture of these formats? Something else? Too many questions?

Also, how should we document the sessions? Record videos for Stream them live for folks that can’t participate in person? Blog posts? Wiki? Something else?

About the event

Starts 10am, finishes when we keel over or get thirsty

Vancouver, UBC Main Campus, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Dodson Room (campus map, Google map)

(N.B. this is scheduled to preceed Northern Voice 2009 to help you make the most of your travel if you are coming from afar)

This is intended to be a day of Camp activities, geared toward use/abuse of WordPress in an educational context.

This is YOUR day; if there is something you’d like to see happen, an idea you have on how to make it work better, LET OTHERS KNOW!

Gearing up for WordCampEd Vancouver 2009

We’re now less than a month away from WordCampEd Vancouver 2009. We’ve got a growing list of suggested sessions, and lots of people planning on attending.

If you have more suggestions for sessions, please add them to the list (via comments on the Sessions page).